Austin, Texas   .   United States

Member since:  4/9/2014

We are the largest provider of High Performance Driver Education Track Days in the United States. 14 years of successful execution of NON- Competition track days and thus, developing a high quality HPDE program. We currently schedule 75 Track days covering 14 different road courses. Our program offers: • Limited Entries to each event – allowing for plenty of room on track to develop your skills. • 1:1 Instructor to Student Ratio -Novice drivers receive their own personal instructor through multiple events. This way you have one on one personal attention of the instructor to help build your confidence and develop your driving skills on track. • We run 3 groups: Novice (0-5 days), Intermediate (6-15), Advanced (50+) • We encourage professional race teams to register and run in the Advanced Group. • We are always looking for qualified instructors to help teach new drivers to the sport. • Most importantly we are motorsports enthusiasts’ out to have fun on some of the best tracks in America.

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