Think of event images like billboards or posters for your competition. They will be the first impression of your event and will appear alongside other images when people are searching for events.  So this means you want your event to pop and stand out from others.  Below are some guidelines as to what works best.  We also offer a premium graphic design package to create a catchy image for your competition that you can also use for print materials and on other sites.



Event images will be resized to 630 pixels wide by 346 pixels high.  Thus, the ideal size for the event images you upload is 630 pixels wide x 346 pixels high.  Higher resolutions work better.  We do not recommend using images smaller than this resolution as stretching may occur that will alter your design.



We currently support JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs for event images.  However, we recommend the PNG 24 bit format for best results.


Subject Matter:

Know your target audience and what kind of message you want the audience to receive.  Knowing your audience will give you an idea on what kind of design to make.

Something indicative of the main subject of the event you are promoting should be the biggest component in your event image.  Remember that most event images are viewed for a few seconds only which means you have to relay your message promptly.  You do not have the luxury of teasing viewers like television ads so it can be a challenge for you on how you’ll let them remember your event.



Use a font that is easy to read. Do not use fancy fonts that are not clear. You may use thicker letters if it is more effective. The font size is also important. It should be big and clear.



Choose an exciting image that will make people stare at it or just want to look at it.  While catchy photos are often great, well constructed typographic designs can also work very well.  Remember to obtain all necessary permissions for any images you use.  Just because you can get it on the internet, doesn’t mean you have the right to use it.  Great images are available from commercial stock photography companies like,, and   Great images are also available on so long as you receive documented permission from the copyright holder.  Note the copyright section below.



Yellow and red could get the attention of the viewers but black and yellow are even better. Use colors that really grab the attention of the viewers. They key is just to use the right contrast of colors for the background and the text in your design. Do not use similar colors together like red and orange or blue and green. It will make the text unclear.  You may also blend your background or use outlines or drop shadows. The important thing there is to make your text readable. Always be creative in choosing your colors.


Comprehensive Design:

Once you have your event image put together, stand back and look at it.  Does it convey the message you are looking to promote?



We take copyright very seriously.  Be sure that you are legally permitted to use any images you include in your listing.  Some images are free to use, while others are all rights reserved.  If in doubt, check with the copyright holder, photographer or artist before using it.  Copyright-free images are also available from sites like wikimedia-commons, or

We reserve the right to immediately remove any images found to be in violation of copyright.  Give credit where credit is due.   Read our terms of use for more information.

Editing your Images:

Not everyone is a Photoshop expert but don’t sweat it.  There are lots of great online Photo Editor tools to help you tweak your images, add text & titles, change colors, dimensions etc.  Simply go to one of these sites, upload your image(s), use the online tools to make your edits, save your image back to your computer and then add it to your event listing on

We have no affiliations with these online editors, but here are some favorites:

Best Images:

Our staff is constantly on the lookout for the best looking event images.  If you put together a really catchy image, it will increase the chances of your event being chosen as a staff favorite!  Also keep in mind that the best images of the year will be entered into an annual contest.



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