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[email protected]   •   February 18, 2016   •   No comments yet

May 6 – May 8, 2016 – Your choice….50 or 100 miles to complete in 48 hours on Shale Hill’s most extreme obstacle course! ┬áRack up mileage with endless loops on the 10K course and earn bonus mileage for successfully completing certain obstacles throughout the course (i.e., The Destroyer Wall, Tarzan Swings, The Great Traverse… [Read More]

Armageddon Ambush 5k mudrun

ArmageddonAmbush   •   March 21, 2014   •   No comments yet

Armageddon Ambush events are strenuous 5k (3.1 mile) mud and color ambush obstacle courses designed to challenge your all around power and endurance through mental and physical tests. Imagine a rugged park terrain with hefty obstacles that are tailored to end of the world disasters and challenges. Not to mention the color ambushes all throughout… [Read More]

Praetorian Race

Praetorian Race   •   March 17, 2014   •   No comments yet

Praetorian Race is an intense obstacle course race series designed to physically and mentally challenge and motivate people of ALL PHYSICAL ABILITIES. Our goal is to challenge both elite and beginner athletes to push themselves to obtain new levels of physical endurance, strength, and confidence. Our first annual race will be 6 kilometres in length… [Read More]

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