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A Mud Run for your Brain

Written by: Kompster

With virtually unlimited mud runs and obstacle course style events popping up all over the place, a new event called Cerebrun reminds us that we shouldn’t limit our mud run experience only to caressing our brawn.  Though it’s tagged as The World’s Only Mental Obstacle Course, don’t be fooled into thinking this is all a brain game.

The mud run series still promises to be a physically challenging race over a 6 to 8 mile course with 15 obstacles not unlike the majority of challenging events out there.  The spin is the addition of 8 “mind-blowing mental challenges” that can make the course longer and more difficult depending on how you do.  Challenging puzzles and mental games are interspersed throughout the course including a spelling game, a Lego puzzle and an applied math and geometry problem called the “Colon Plunge”.

Cerebrun ends up being a choose your own adventure style of race.  If you use your memory, logic and problem solving skills to correctly solve the mental obstacles, the route of the course becomes easier and shortened.  However, if you fail, the route only gets longer and more daunting.

2013 was the inaugural year for Cerebrun with two events and they are back for 2014 with the next race taking place on May 10th in York, Pennsylvania, USA.  The course is open to anyone over the age of 14 and the event is actually a charity for supporting healthy and active life styles for children.


Think your ready for the challenge?  Take this test to find out.

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