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Start the New Year with a Polar Plunge

Written by: Kompster

Image: dirkjankraan on flickr

When its cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey its time for the Polar Plunge.  Compete with yourself and ring in 2014 with a challenge.  A Polar Plunge is definitely one for your bucket list.  Every winter, thousands participate in these silly & yes, chilly events.

At the starting gun, horn, bell, whistle, or tuba, brave souls must jump into a freezing cold, often icy, river, stream or ocean – in the dead of winter.  In the United States, where people need an excuse for everything, Polar Plunges are typically fund raising events for organizations like the Special Olympics.  In Canada, the Netherlands and other countries, many people just do one in celebration of the new year.  In fact, over 30,000 polar plungers hit the icy waters each year for “Nieuwjaarsduik” or New Year’s Dive in the Netherlands alone.

So, break out the swimsuit and take a leisurely winter dip at a polar plunge near you.  It’s winter so shaving is optional and crying will not be tolerated.  C’mon its for a good cause and will remind you what you need to work on before beach season. Do yourself a favor and only try this at a sanctioned event with rescue personnel close by. Remember this is serious and we accept no responsibility for stupidity, chills, injury, drowning or death.

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