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Lumberjack World Championships 2015

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The Lumberjack World Championships® began in 1960 as a way to acknowledge the rich history of the logging industry across the United States. Work day skills that were perfected in the forests of the nation became a past-time and soon grew into an exciting and growing sporting event. From the Lumberjack World Championships®, now trademarked in Hayward, Wisconsin, to the ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, lumberjack sports has increased in popularity with loyal fans and competitors from across the globe.

Hayward, Wisconsin, rich in both history and natural beauty, holds its lumberjack championships in what was once a giant holding pond for logs of Weyerhaeuser’s North Wisconsin Lumber Company. The people of Hayward embrace this rich history each summer with hundreds of volunteers and community support making this a world class event for thousands of visitors.

The Lumberjack World Championships® showcases over 21 unique competitions and world records in events ranging from men’s and women’s logrolling, to chopping and the exciting pole climb. Over 100 plus competitors vie for more than $50,000 in prize money, making this one of the largest purses for lumberjack competition in the world.

The Lumberjack World Championships® is a leader in the recognition and support of the women’s events in the Lumberjack sports arena. The women’s competitions have proven to be one of the most popular crowd-pleasers with some of the most incredible female athletes competing in a variety of events.

The pure strength and skill of the various chopping and sawing events, the agility and grace as well as the endurance, of logrolling and the exhilaration of 90-foot tree climbing makes this an exciting family events each summer for over 12,000 spectators.

Lumberjack World Championships® was first held at Historyland, a historical theme park in Hayward commemorating the heritage of the region’s fur trade, Indian culture and logging industry. Historyland no longer stands, but Lumberjack Bowl, were all the events are held, still does. Lumberjack Bowl was once a giant holding pond for the North Wisconsin Lumber Company, and today it still showcases over 100 competitors each July in events ranging from sawing and chopping to speed climbing, log rolling and boom running.

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July 23, 2015 - July 23, 2015


Lumberjack World Championships
15670 W County Rd B
Hayward, Wisconsin 54843
United States

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