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World Gravy Wrestling Championship 2014

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Without a doubt this is one of the World’s craziest culinary competitions.

A wild and whacky wrestling competition in a pool full of Lancashire Gravy!

Contestants must wrestle in the Gravy for 2 minutes whilst being scored for audience applause,and various different moves.

Gravy Wrestling is now in its 6th Year and based on having fun…although there is serious competitive streak among most competitors.

Rules & Regulations:

THIS IS A KNOCKOUT EVENT AND EACH BOUT WILL LAST 2 MINUTES. (Please remember this is a fun event)

Teams and individuals are invited to participate. (Entrants must be over 18 years old).

This year there will be 16 male and 8 female participants.

There will be separate men’s and a women’s knockout, final & champion.

There will be no mixed sex fighting.

You may be expected to take part in up to 4 bouts (for men, 3 for women) if you progress as far as the final.

All contestants should wear fancy dress, with a prize for the best on the day!

Fun is the name of the game and the eventual winners will possess a sense of fun, wrestling ability is not a priority.

The referee and judges will control the bouts and their decisions will be final.

At the end of the bout, points will be totalled by the referee and judging panel and the winner will progress to the next round.

Losers will receive a booby prize and thanks for being great sports and supporting the East Lancashire Hospice an their chosen charity.

Winners of the final will have their name engraved, and receive the ‘Gravy Wrestling World Championship Trophy’ and will retain it for 1 year.

Showering facilities will be provided. Don’t forget to bring along towels and a change of clothes. You’ll need them.

If you’re planning to stop for the evening entertainment you can leave your stuff at the R’n’B and
collect it another time.

Gravy Wrestling Regulations

(Remember this is a fun event only)

Take Down – 2 Points – When opponent is down in the gravy and you have full control

Escape 1 Point – When you are down in the gravy but escape the hold and get to a neutral point in the gravy

Reversal – 2 Points – When you are down in the gravy but turn to take control of the opponent

Fall and near Fall -3 Points – When you hold opponent down in the gravy with both shoulders held for 3 second count, or 2points when one shoulder is held in the gravy for a 3 second count.

Fun Factor – Up to 20 Points

Up to 20 Points can be awarded by the judges for contestants who display:
1. The highest fun factor
2. Receive the loudest applause
3. Raise the biggest laugh
4. Best costume

Penalty points

1-10 Points are deducted if you commit an infraction. Serious aggressiveness, roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct can result in immediate disqualification. If a bout seems to be getting too serious the referee will stop the bout immediately. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol will be asked not to participate.

Infractions – Illegal holds – Dangerous Holds
• Technical Violations.
• Going out of the paddling pool.
• Jumping on opponents
• Grabbing clothes or head gear if worn.
• Locked or Overlapped Hands.
• Unnecessary Roughness.
• Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
• Unfair use of props.
(Remember this is a family day so lewd or bawdy behaviour is a NO!)

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Date & Time

August 25, 2014
12:00 PM
Wrestling kicks off at noon! Register ASAP as entry is on a 1st come 1st served basis!


The Rose & Bowl
Newchurch Rd
Stacksteads Village, Rossendale, Lancashire
United Kingdom

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