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How the world says “competition”

Written by: Kompster

World Competition

There are literally hundreds of thousands of competitions all over the world but if you’re looking for a competition in Iceland, you better know how to say it in Icelandic. Here’s how the world says competition.

Afrikaans: kompetisie
Arabic: مسابقة
Armenian: մրցույթ
Azerbaijani: müsabiqə
Bengali: Pratidbandbitā
Bulgarian: конкуренцията
Catalan: competència
Chinese Simplified: 竞争
Chinese Traditional: 競爭
Czech: Konkurence
Danish: Konkurrence
Dutch: Competitie
Estonian: Konkurentsi
Finnish: Kilpailu
French: Concours
Galician: competición
German: Wettbewerb
Greek: Ανταγωνισμού
Gujarati: સ્પર્ધા
Haitian Creole: Konpetisyon
Hebrew: תחרות
Hmong: sib tw
Hungarian: Verseny
Icelandic: Samkeppni
Indonesian: Kompetisi
Irish: iomaíocht
Italian: Concorso
Japanese: コンテスト
Korean: 경연 대회
Latin: Certamen
Latvian: Konkurss
Lithuanian: Konkursas
Mongolian: өрсөлдөөн
Norwegian: Konkurranse
Persian: رقابت
Polish: Konkurencji
Portuguese: Concorrência
Punjabi: ਮੁਕਾਬਲੇ
Romanian: Concurenţă
Russian: Конкурс
Slovak: Súťaž
Slovenian: Konkurence
Somali: Tartanka
Spanish: Competencia
Swahili: Ushindani
Swedish: Konkurrens
Tamil: போட்டி
Thai: การแข่งขัน
Turkish: Rekabet.
Ukranian: Конкуренції
Welsh: Cystadleuaeth
Vietnamese: Đối thủ cạnh tranh.
Yiddish: פאַרמעסט
Yoruba: Idije
Zulu: mncintiswano

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