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101 Ways to Compete – Find Competitions in Anything

Written by: Kompster

How do you compete?

Do you run, dance, jump, cook, sing, or swim?

Maybe you climb, fly, pose, shoot, paint, kick or whistle.

Some people paint, push, crank, spin, eat, brew, catch and crunch.

Others leap, scream, spit, teach, ride, joke, talk, drink, collect & hunt.

But there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to compete.  You can also bake, ski, throw, design, build, sculpt, play, write, create, drive, race, wash, clean, restore, sell, act, hit, face off, challenge, duel, smell, taste, code, grow, punch, draw, print, bike, skate, bowl, roll, drop, chase, dive, carve, drift, surf, create, sew, stitch, paddle, fry, strut, flip, sit, think, dress, fetch & fish.

Not Excited Yet?

If none of that’s for you, why not launch, dress up, hide, find, meditate, levitate, slide, grip, pound, film, snap, destroy, perform, detect, crash, press, lift, decorate, pitch, stare, yodel, bounce, cartwheel, pull, pick, yell, polish, ponder, play, call, meet, sizzle, laugh, stretch, contort, carry, crawl, creep, scare, chase, sniff, wiggle, charm, pick up, kayak, skip, design, build, cut, fry, lunge, or  even go-go. What’s missing?

Here’s a video of 25 Crazy Competitions to help get you inspired but you are only limited by your imagination.

There’s a competition for all of that and more.  If this list of 101 ways to compete doesen’t you going, tell us what does – that’s a challenge.

If you have an idea for a new competition, this is the year to make it happen!  Get started now by listing your event on Kompster – The World of Competition!

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