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9 Crazy Cat Competitions for 2015

Written by: Kompster

Viral cat videos were all the rage last year.  2015 is shaping up to be the year of crazy cat competitions.  Whether you think you have the world’s smartest cat or fastest feline, we think 2015 will be the year of the Cat Competition.  Use your imagination.  Create your own cat competition here on Kompster and invite the world.  Some ideas to get you going for all the #CatLovers out there:

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 4.13.19 PM

1.  Cat Dropping – not to be confused with Operation Cat Drop – Cats are supposedly most likely to die if they fall from heights between 4 and 9 stories.  We’re not in any way suggesting you test that statistic, but if you have a cat with no fear of heights or one who’s survived an incredible fall, it could be a contender in the world’s first cat drop competition (if someone creates this event).

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 4.17.02 PM

2.  Cat Chase – How about a competition where cats chase dogs.  This is for those tough cats out there that don’t back down to their arch nemesis in all those Tom and Jerry Cartoons.


3.  Cat Herding – You’ve heard the expression, but as far as we know there is no official competition for this yet.  Viral content is almost a guarantee for the creator of the World Cat Herding Championship.

cat obstacle course

4.  Cat Obstacle Course – Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has taken on all shapes and sizes from the Cerebrun where you are given the option of using your brain in addition to your brawn in getting through the course to the world famous Wife Carrying Championships.  There are team events for running with your dog but so far OCR doesn’t have a single cat event.  Who’s gonna put the second “C” in OCR?  Its high time for the Obstacle Course Cat Race, that’s OCCR.

running cat

5.  Catch a Cat – Cats can be notoriously hard to catch.  We think its time to crown an official champion for the World’s Hardest to Catch Cat.


image via:

6.  Cat Dancing – Dancing Dogs have graced the airwaves of America’s Got Talent, Dances with Wolves was an outstanding Oscar winning film, and Dancing with the Stars is one of the greatest TV Competitions of all time.  Dancing with the Cats has to be the next big thing.

image via:

image via:

7.  Cat Obedience – This one is easy for you cat lovers out there.  The cat capable of the most voice commands wins.  I personally have yet to see a cat follow more than a single voice command.


8.  Cat Swimming – Supposedly cats hate water but we’ve seen that theory tested time and time again.  That said, we have yet to see a cat swimming competition.  Dock dogs is a swimming and obedience competition for dogs.  Who’s with us in wondering if The World Kitty Paddle Championship is next.  Actually, that domain name may still be available….

via youtube:

via youtube:

9.  Cat Car Contest – Radio Controlled Cars are all the rage.  You can get a bad ass Traxxas model that’ll go 35 mph for around $200.00.  We’ve not yet seen it done but we know there are some talented cats out there that would be great at piloting and hanging on to one of these toys.

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