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How to set a World Record

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Claim your own World Record

How to Set a World Record

Its been said that shy and independent people are sometimes less likely to take on competitive events, whether it is a sport or a music recital.  I don’t know about the truth to that statement but in my experience the fact that quiet, independent people may not be as driven by a need of public attention, they are not necessarily any less competitive.  For many of these folks, their competitive spirit is internally rather than externally motivated as they challenge themselves with goals, milestones & personal victories that they may keep to themselves.  There’s an entire microcosm of psychology devoted to studying these characteristics but that’s not the reason for this article.

Maybe you’re the type that’s run 30 miles in under 4 hour before breakfast but never taken part in a sanctioned marathon.  Perhaps you’ve spent years painting an abstract master piece fit for the walls of the Guggenheim yet it sits proudly on your wall hidden from the world at large.  Or maybe you’ve got an Oscar contending Elvis impersonation down but just aren’t interested in the limelight that comes with public performances.  You’re definitely not alone and while we love competitions of all kinds, we truly love & respect the personal victories and mountains taken on by internally motivated people – especially those that raise the bar.

Boost your ego and your resume while claiming your spot in the history books by setting your very own Official World Record.  With over 7 Billion people in the world, this may seem incredibly daunting but it is more achievable than you might think.  In fact we’re convinced that there are as many world records to be held and broken as there are people in this world.


Here’s how to set your own World Record



By far, the most recognized name in World Records is Guinness World Records, based in the UK.  Since 1955, Guinness World Records has aimed to inspire ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things with a mission to entertain and inform, and to celebrate the world’s best.  The annual Guinness World Records book is the said to be the best-selling copyrighted title of all time.

Guinness World Records, issues titles for three different entities.  Individuals – Charities, Schools & Non Profits – or Businesses & Agencies.  To be eligible, titles must be:

  • Measurable
  • Verifiable
  • Breakable
  • Based on a single variable

Guinness encourages everyone to make their own record-breaking dreams a reality by keeping the record application and assessment process for individuals completely free.  The process is described in this video.  Title applications challenging existing records take 6 weeks, while new records take 12 weeks.  They also offer a premium fast track service for much faster consideration.   More information on the Official Guinness World Records Application page.

Record Setter

An alternative to Guinness is RecordSetter, an up and coming online world record authority which touts themselves as a “more open and democratic platform for world records.  Record Setter manages the Universal Record Database, and believes everyone can be the world’s best at something, with a mission to raise the bar of human achievement through world records. 

RecordSetter encourages humanity to push its limits and that millions of records are waiting to be set, noting that a “great record starts with a simple idea”.  To be eligible, records must be:

  • Captured on Video
  • Breakable
  • Quantifiable

Whereas Guinness requires records to be based on a single variable, Record Setter encourages combining skills like the “Fastest Time to Peel an Orange While Riding on a Horse.”  Combining skills leads to a truly unlimited set of possibilities so there is no reason not to Set A Record!

In 2013, RecordSetter published over 7,000 records!

Get Going

So now that you know how to set a world record, the decision becomes in just what to attempt it?  How cool would it be to include a statement about holding 3 World Records in your bio? C’mon, John Doe holds World Records in:

  • The Number of Consecutive Backwards Somersaults on Asphalt
  • The Fastest Rendition of Dueling Banjos played on an Accordion
  • Building the World’s Largest Recycled Can Sculpture

Believe it or not, Cameron Diaz, yes the actress form Something about Mary, held the real life World Record for the Most Bunnies Snuggled with in a Hammock which she set in 2009 on Jimmy Kimmel.  That was until it was recently beat by Nathan Morris who can now rightfully claim that he took the record from Cameron.

Cameron Diaz – Former Record Holder of Most Bunnies Snuggled with in a Hammock!

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