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There are many reasons why people compete.  It might be to take on a new challenge or to set a goal that helps you get fit.  Maybe its to raise money and awareness for a charity.  Perhaps its to step outside of your comfort zone and prove to yourself the amazing things that are possible with a little effort.

There is truly nothing like the sense of accomplishment in achieving a goal whether its competitive or not.  Many first time marathoners rank the day they complete their first marathon right up there with their wedding day and child birth.

For some though (and we’re not knocking this, well maybe a little) its all about the title.  By now you’ve probably heard that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook’s early business cards had the title “I’m CEO, Bitch”.  Regardless of what you think of that, it certainly got some attention and stood out amongst the typical job title.


Whether you take that as inspiration for being a jerk, mockery or just a good laugh, for some its all about the title.  How about International World Squirrel Cookoff Champion?  Why not Elvis Impersonator – King of Kings, World Custard Pie Throwing Championship Coordinator, Miss Kilngdon Empire Beauty Queen, Conch Blower Physicist, Stilton Cheese Wheel Rolling Bad Ass,  Chief Egg Throwing Expert, Potato Gun Association President, Courageous Chicken Photographer or Toilet Bowl Racing Engineer?

What’s your title?  Here are some of our favorites:








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