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Top 5 Reasons to List Your Competition on Kompster

Written by: Kompster is a suite of tools to make hosting, running and managing a competition easy for anyone to do.  If you need convincing, here are five reasons for you to stop reading and list your event.

Its Free.  Listing your event is free and will provide you with a beautiful, feature-packed web page for your event, including photos, video, a clickable map & directions, an area for interactive discussions, a place to post results, disclaimers, contact information and even mechanisms to sell tickets.  It would cost thousands of dollars to have a comparable website constructed for your event.  But don’t kick yourself if you already have a website for your competition, you can still drive new traffic to your site by listing for free on Kompster.

Its Easy.  It only takes minutes to list your event and you can edit and add details anytime as needed.  Simply fill out our listing form to list your event and then log in to make edits.  You really won’t believe how easy it is!

Its Secure.  We use secure industry leading SSL (secure sockets layer security protocol) certification with EV (extended validation) to convert your data into virtually impenetrable code with data encryption up to 256 bits.  That’s some of the most secure web encryption available.  The green bar and https: designation in the top of your web browser indicate Kompster is trusted and secure.

Its our Niche.  While there are many web sites out there focused on events, Kompster is focused exclusively on competitions.  Our audience is competitive by nature.  That means listing on Kompster will get your race, challenge, contest, tournament, championship, rodeo, match or other type of competition right in front of competitive people looking for a challenge.  If your hosting a roller derby championship why would you want it to be listed next to a legal conference on one of those catchall event sites?  On Kompster, all we do is competitions and our audience loves to compete.

Its the Next Big Thing.  Competitions are literally everywhere from local fundraiser 5k runs and trout rodeos, to pinewood derby and robot battles, to international singing competitions and reality tv shows.  Competitions are all over the place and Kompster is the one stop shop for all things related to competitions and competing.  If you are putting on a competitive event, you need to be on Kompster – The World of Competition.


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