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Celebrity Marathons

Written by: Kompster

As you ring in the new year and contemplate if this is really the year to check a marathon off your bucket list, here’s a list of celebrities who’ve completed marathons.  If they can do it, so can you!

Photo: lanskymob on flickr

Here’ a list of celebrities who’ve completed marathons.

We were surprised to learn that Jared Fogle, of Subway fame finished a marathon and that Oprah finished faster than Drew Carey, a former Marine.

Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1980 Marine Corps Marathon (3:11:0)

Gordon Ramsey, celebrity chef, 2010 Los Angeles Marathon (3:36:00)

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, 1993 Houston Marathon (3:44:52)

Flea, Bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2011 Los Angeles Marathon (3:53:00)

Will Ferrell, actor, 2003 Boston Marathon (3:56:12)

Bobby Flay, celebrity chef, 2012 New York Marathon (4:01:37)

Sean P.Diddy Combs, singer, 2003 New York City Marathon, (4:14:54)

Alanis Morissette, singer/actress, 2009 Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon (4:17:03)

Kyle Petty, NASCAR Nextel Cup Driver, 2005 Las Vegas Marathon (4:18:34)

Lynn Swann, former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, 1993 New York Marathon, (4:26:00)

Oprah Winfrey, actress/media personality, 1994 Marine Corps Marathon (4:29:20)

Drew Carey, comedian/host of Price is Right, 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (4:41:39)

Dexter Holland, vocalist for The Offspring, Los Angeles Marathon (5:09:00)

Katie Holmes, 2007 New York Marathon (5:30:00)

Jared Fogle, Subway restaurant spokesman.  2010 New York Marathon (5:13:28)

Robin Quivers, radio personality, 2010 New York MArathon (6:09:00)

Al Roker, television weatherman, 2010 New York Marathon, (7:09:00)

In 2013, there were over 700 marathons in the US and Canada, and over 500,000 people completed marathons in the United States alone.  October tends to be the most popular marathon month and California has more marathons than any other state.  It’s an achievable goal if you put in the time and we hope this list inspires you.  Who’s time would you like to beat?

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