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You’ve Never Seen a Stag Party like this one!

Written by: Kompster

Young buck. Old buck. At the German Deer Calling Championship, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can impersonate a deer. Though in America, a stag party is typically a party for men only, in Europe it can take on a more literal meaning. Deer calling contests are actually quite common in some European countries including Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic and others.  Women can also participate in these events though most seem to watch, or listen from the crowd.  Its not quite an opera but if your an outdoorsman, it just might be music to your ears.

Judging by the serious faces of the spectators, these events are no joke.  So if you’ve got an un-realized grunting talent, a killer buck in rut mating call, or know someone who does, now is the time to start doing something meaningful with your life.  Head off to the annual Deer Calling Championship in Dortmund, Germany to compete with the best deer callers in the world.  If this runs in your family, you might be able to start your own reality tv show – How about “Deer Dynasty”, “Stag Succession” or better yet – “Buck Bloodline”.

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