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10 Unusual “Sports”

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10 Unusual Sports that You’ve Got to Try before New Year’s

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The variety of sports in this world is staggering! Most people are familiar with popular sports like Hockey and Gymnastics, but many have not even heard of the following 10 unusual activities. If you are looking to try something new and extraordinary, keep on reading.
1.  Finger Jousting
Believe it or not, finger jousting is an official sport. It is regulated by the World Finger jousting Federation and is much more complicated than expected. Remember when you were kids, you tried to wrestle with each other’s thumbs and beat your partner? But you didn’t have to bow or shake hands and you certainly didn’t bother to strengthen your fingers or learn a special technique. In this sport, you get to learn all these things in addition to a chance to compete in finger jousting tournaments. This sport is not only entertaining but also challenging. Check out this video to see how the sport goes.
2. Speed- Cubing
Speed-cubing is another unusual competitive sport that both entertains and challenges its participants. World Cube Association regulates the sport and keeps records of results and scores. The goal of every competitor is to solve a Rubik’s cube in as little time as possible. But the competition is not limited to solving a simple cube. There are also events that challenge contestants to solve a Rubik’s cube with their feet, one hand, blindfolded, and fewest moves. For more information about the sport, visit the World Cube Association website.  
3. Air Racing
Air Racing is an exhilarating and a dangerous sport at the same time.
The goal of the sport is to fly through a set course in the list amount
of time. There are five classes of air racing which are defined by the
type of aircraft flown. The sport is easy enough o describe but much
harder to start practicing. Many racing pilots have many hours of
flight experience which they gained in the past at their own time.
They possess pilot licenses and some knowledge of airplane
mechanics. And most importantly, many possess an intense passion for flying which can’t be replaced by anything else. If you are determined and love to fly, this sport may be for you. To find a club, you will need to do a local search.
4.  Jorkyball
Jorkyball is a sport that is very similar to soccer. It is played with two of two players each in an enclosed court that is similar to squash but set up like a soccer field. The purpose of the sport is to score as many goals in the opposite team as possible. The sport is gaining popularity because of the fun and fast paced nature of the game. If you are interested in trying it, visit one of the clubs licensed by the Federation of the International Jorkyball Associations. Check out this video for illustration!
5. Speed Stacking
Speed stacking is a fun sport that tests your
physical coordination, concentration and speed.
Although kids are often seen practicing stacking,
the sport is open to all age group including adults
and seniors. The World Sport Stacking Association
regulates the sport and its rules.
6. Ice Yachting
Ice yachting is an unusual combination of sailing and
ice skating, except that the boat has the skates. Ice yachting
is a very popular sport in Europe, but it has been gaining
popularity in North America. With ice yachting, you can become
a competitive athlete, competing at world-class events, or a
recreational one enjoying the excitement the skating in a yacht
can bring.
7. Robot Combat
Robot combat is a hobby sport whereby participants build robots that can be remotely controlled and put them out for a combat with other robots. The Robot Fighting League (RFL) has been created to oversea Robot combat competitions. It explains many of the rules that govern competitions and standards for building robots. Many of the competitions take place in the U.S. (though there are competitions in other countries as well )and they are based on class of robots which is defined by robot’s weight. If you are looking for a geeky challenge or just want to witness an unusual event, then robot combat is definitely for you.
 8. Orienteering
Are you an outdoors enthusiast? Do you love adventurous challenges that get your blood flowing?  Then try orienteering. Orienteering is a sport that tests both your physical limits as well as your mental ones. The basic idea behind orienteering is to navigate through an unfamiliar terrain using a variety of tools such as maps and compasses while also running, skiing, biking or using other means of movement. It’s a serious sport which is overseen by the International Orienteering Federation and it often features major events such as world championships and national championships. It’s great for anyone in any age group. As long as you enjoy the outdoors and the physical challenge that comes with it, orienteering is definitely a sport that you got to try.
9. Underwater Hockey
To all hockey fans out there who also love the water, there’s a sport that caters to your needs: underwater hockey. Underwater hockey is played in a pool by two teams of 10 players: 6 are in the water and 4 are substitutes. The purpose of the game is to pass a puck underwater and score a goal, very much like regular hockey. But the difference is that you would use a short hockey stick of about a foot in length and a puck that weighs about 3 lbs. As soon as players see the puck, they submerge underwater (using snorkeling equipment), chase the puck and try to score a goal. This is a serious sport that organizes international tournaments. If you are interested in more details, visit the World Aquachallenge Association.
10. Trick Shot
Entertainment, challenge, and skill are the hallmark of trick shot. Trick shot is a sport that is very similar to Billiard. But the challenge is to get the ball into the hole by getting it first over an obstacle or specially-constructed cues. It’s much harder said than done because of the tremendous amount of skill required to precisely shoot balls. If you are interested in the more competitive nature of this sport, check out the rules set out by Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association.

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