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Competitions unemployed
Unemployed people are trying to somehow entertain themselves, and some achieve great success. For example, in New York on 31 March 2009 passed the competition, named “Olympic Games for the unemployed:” Rugby cell phone, “” You’re fired! ” or “Draw your boss.”

Marathon in high heels

Competitions whistling builders of high-altitudeEven in advertising shows how the builders working in the woods, whistling girl that passes by. Some of them hiss turns very artistic.Martial whistling passed in 2009 in Sydney.

Inflation of the nose warmers
The purpose of this competition – to inflate a hot water bottle so that it exploded. Warmer inflate very difficult, and yet there are people who can blow up hot water bottle, blowing it … nose.
For example, in Georgia, Tbilisi, to conduct such contest, the winner of which was the 18-year-old boy. He was able to inflate and burst three heaters, the first – for 23, the second – for 16, the third – in 13 seconds. The latest achievement and a record that is not beaten yet. The previous record was made in the USA in 2006 – then the heater has been inflated and burst with a 51.98.
This sport was invented in Britain in 1976. Now such competitions are held each year and in 1997 the organizers of this sport even offered include him in the Olympics, but until that happens
Throwing dead possums
The competition takes place in New Zealand among the … schoolchildren.Outraged representatives of Greenpeace appealed to the Society for the Protection of Animals after the publication of illustrated photography reportage from the scene.
The organization’s Danny Auger, condemned the idea of contests and contest called immoral, noting that in recent days in the Society for the Protection of Animals received three complaints. It is noteworthy that the leadership of schools in Manawatu-Uanganui did not violate the laws of the country, in addition opossums, which are protected in Australia, New Zealand, are considered pests. However, Oger confident that despite the fact that the animals threaten the local ecosystem, it is impossible to arrange such contests.“If students understand that you can throw the dead possum, then they may soon begin to deal pets. For example, cats “- quoted by Oger Daily Telegraph.Eating a hot dog

Every year in New York on July 4, Independence Day, held the championship in speed eating hot dogs. For the fourth time it has won an American Joey Chestnut. Reserved for 10 minutes, ate a record 54 biscuits with sausage. The absolute world record in these competitions belong to him though. In 2009, Chesnut could eat 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
Chief rival Chesnut, six championship winner Takeru Kobayashi Japanese, the last time did not compete. In the American media said that he had not signed a contract with the organization of Major League Eating (MLE). As a result, the Japanese failed to get permission to participate in the competitions.
After the competition eating hot dogs ended, Kobayashi, who was among the audience, climbed onto the stage and tried to disrupt the awards ceremony. As a result, a policeman had to delay the raging Jap. In this case, viewers were asked to release Kobayashi. When the former champion led away in handcuffs, the crowd began chanting “Let him eat!”. 
Named Charlie Chaplin
In the English county of Kent is annually held the world championship on a throwing quiches.
In 2010, the year the tournament was attended by twelve teams from around the world.
The meaning of competition is to score as many points by throwing pies at opponents from a distance of about two meters. Maximum points – six – you can get in if you throw a pie in the face to the opponent. In this case, baking is allowed to deal only with his left hand.
In 2010, victory in competitions on a throwing pies won by the representatives of the UK.
Championship Throwing pies is held in Britain since 1967. Originally the competition was allowed to participate only to men, but later the rules were amended and the team began to recruit and women. In 1987, the tradition of the tournament was lost, but in 2007 the championships were resumed.
In this league, I would myself be happy to take part in:)

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