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Dwarf Just Want to be Tossed

Written by: Kompster

Unusual sports: Dwarfs just want to be tossed?

This unusual sport is one for the records. This is the sport of dwarf throwing. Dwarf throwing sounds very cruel, however. I have read that the dwarfs that are being thrown are fully consenting. No innocent dwarfs are harmed in this competition.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this sport. Human rights activists state that the sport is demeaning to dwarfs and they want the sport discontinued. If the sport is continued, the activists would like the title of the competition changed from “dwarf throwing” to “propelling persons of restricted growth.” Don’t you like how the latter just rolls off of your tongue?

The dwarfs that compete in this competition do not agree with these activists and simply want the ability to soar through the competition at their own will. I figure if a person of normally sound mind decides that they don’t mind being tossed around for sport than more power to them.

Persons of non-restricted growth submit themselves to similarly bizarre actions during sports, so why can’t someone of restricted growth do the same?

Any consenting adult is allowed to participate in this sport. Usually the contestants have consumed a good amount of alcoholic beverages naturally.

It is generally customary at the end of each competition for the competitors to swap shirts. Due to the fact that women participate in the sport more often, this custom does not take place very much.

The winner of this competition is the person who throws their dwarf partner the farthest. It’s that simple! There are no official rules for this competition.

If you are concerned about the safe landing of the dwarfed person fear not! Soft mattresses are used to provide a safe landing for the dwarfs that are being thrown. There is also a safety harness used that has a handle on it. The harness is what the thrower holds onto to throw the dwarf.

Oddly enough, there are dwarfs that go on tour specifically to participate in these contests and they make a six figure income at it.

Dwarf tossing is illegal in many states in the United States and in several countries. Florida banned the sport in 1989 and there is a $1,000 fine imposed on violators.

One dwarf named Dave Flood is outraged that the sport is banned in some locales. He claims that banning the sport is a violation of his rights. He stated: “I’m a dwarf and I want to be tossed”.

So there you have it….

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