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Rabbit Jumping

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Bunnies Soar At Rabbit Jumping Contest

Posted 9/14/2011 7:30 am by

Whether it’s racing dachshunds or giggling penguins or golf-playing bears, cute animals can trigger an “Awwww” quicker than an adorable kid 61 percent of the time. (Okay, I just made up that statistic.)

The cutest animal photos I’ve seen in quite a while originated from an athletic competition – the Kaninhop Club rabbit jump in Jena, Germany. Apparently there are rabbit jumping contests held all across Germany. During the competition, the bunnies leap over a variety of jumps and get credit for each one they clear cleanly.

A bunny named Snoopy was the big winner at Jena. Snoopy’s owner claims the beast of a bunny can leap to a personal best height of about 60 centimeters or nearly two feet at 23.62 inches. Snoopy’s best still isn’t near the world record of 99.5 centimeters or nearly three feet at 35.43 inches.

If you are sick of seeing cute animals of the bunny or any other variety, never fear. Just remember there’s a place to see cute animals exploding.

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