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How to Get a Domain Name for your Kompster Event

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Many competitions don’t have large budgets with thousands of dollars to dish out for fancy websites, programming expenses, web hosting and so on, and not every event coordinator is tech savvy enough to manage these things.  We make event promotion easy and free!

Kompster can save you loads of cash and wrinkles on your face too! has been designed to provide every competition, race, challenge, championship or other competitive event with the full functionality they need without spending a buck.  We also offer additional premium features at extremely reasonable costs, to remove advertising, enable private events, set up online registration & ticketing and design custom graphics.

Visitors to your page on can…

  • – View important Event Details (schedule, location, description)
  • – Watch Embedded Videos
  • – View Map & Get Directions with one click
  • – Get Weather Details at your Venue
  • – Discuss the event with you and others using our discussion system
  • – Register & Purchase Tickets
  • – View last year’s results
  • – Check in on any live event feeds you enable
  • – Post photos, video & comments after the event

Your page will appear in our worldwide directory of competitions and be directly viewable at:

It’s also easy to purchase a custom domain name and point it to your event page on

Buy your domain: Purchase your desired domain name (ie. from an Internet domain registrar like or and forward that address to your event details page.

What does that mean? Every time someone goes to they will automatically be forwarded to your page:

Cost: Varies between $5-$10 for 1 year of domain use and its cheaper if you buy the domain for multiple years.  Use this link to save a little cash by getting special rate on domains from GoDaddy.

How to Point Your New Domain Name:   Simply follow the instructions here.

Essentially you are forwarding the domain name you’ve purchased to a webpage that you’ve created somewhere.  In this case you will be forwarding the domain name to your event listing page on  This will provide you with an easy way of telling people about your event and how to find it directly if you want to remove the step of having people search for your event in our competition directory.

So after forwarding is set up, you can tell users to go to, and it will load your event page on  Cool right?  This allows you to take full advantage of the awesome features of while also adding a simple way for people to get to your event directly.

This video explains the process using an affiliate site as a surrogate.  Whenever he mentions his affiliate site is where you’d be using your event listing here on instead.

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