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What does it take to host your own competition?

Written by: Kompster

Exactly what does it take to host your own competition?  The answer really depends on exactly what kind of competition you have in mind but let’s start out simple.

Say you have an idea to host a photo contest for the best photograph of an awesome food truck, to be determined by YOU (why not give yourself some power here).  Its pretty straightforward to host a virtual event and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.  Simply think up the terms for your contest, write up a description and come up with an idea for a catchy graphic, prizes etc.  Then use our simple List Your Event form to add your event to our directory of competitions.  Follow the instructions in the form, specify your terms, deadlines and instructions for how to compete.   Then share your listing with your friends, family and fans through your favorite social media outlets and do whatever you can to promote the contest.  Post flyers, send our emails, bribe your friends etc.  Be sure to keep promoting your event right up until your deadline.  Watch the entries roll in and bask in the power you hold as the contest’s organizer.  Then, be sure to post the results and share the story.  Easy right?

Ok, so your concept is more complicated than an online photo contest and involves a live event at a physical location.  No worries, the process is still straightforward to create a listing.  The biggest difference is probably your legal considerations, which may or may not involve copyright & trademark concerns, liability insurance coverage, renting a venue, permitting and hiring event staff and possibly even security.  We’ve compiled an awesome list of resources to help with those items which should not be taken lightly, but its still the same process to create your listing.  Simply create a web page for your competition with our easy to use, List Your Event form to add your event to our directory of competitions.  Then share the link with friends, family and fans and start promoting your event.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to host an event in just about anything.

We’re trying our best to make it dead easy to create and host competitions in anything you can come up with.  If you have suggestions to improve our site, please let us know!

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