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Krispy Kreme Challenge

12 Doughnuts.  5 Miles.  2400 Calories. 1 Hour.

Think you’re up for the challenge?  If so, register today for the 10th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge!  Held on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, this race requires runner to sprint 2.5 miles downtown to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen doughnuts, and then sprint 2.5 miles back.  The “challenge” is to complete this feat of athleticism/gastrointestinal fortitude in under an hour.  The first person to cross the finish line after eating the full dozen will be the winner!  Sounds like some serious bragging rights.

So why put yourself through all this?  For the kids at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, of course!  Each year, the dedicated group of NC State students who host this race aim to raise as much money as possible for the hospital.  Just last year, these college students were able to raise $184,000.  This brought the 9-year total to approximately $551,000, making the Krispy Kreme Challenge the largest 3rd party donor to the NC Children’s Hospital!

If the thought of eating a dozen doughnuts makes you a little queasy but you still want to help the kids, don’t worry!  We offer the option to run the race as a casual runner.  This means that you can take your time getting to Krispy Kreme, eat as many (or as few) doughnuts as you like, and take your time getting back to the NC State Memorial Belltower.  Feel free to bring the kids along to this family friendly event!

To make this crazy event even more exciting, the race is home to one of the most entertaining costume contest on the east coast.  Have you ever seen a group of Spartans swarm a box of doughnuts?  How about the cast of Mario Kart running towards downtown Raleigh?  Dress up, get crazy, and win some great prizes!

So what are you waiting for?  Register here and help the kids at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital!

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Date & Time

February 8, 2014


NC State Students - $35, Non-NC State Students - $42, Supporter Spots - $10, Children's Promise Charity Spots - $100


North Carolina State University
Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

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Brandon Honeycutt, Krispy Kreme Challenge Public Relations Co-Chair

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Krispy Kreme Challenge
Krispy Kreme Challenge
Raleigh , North Carolina . USA
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