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UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship

2016 UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships

This is the 10th annual UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship

Date:       Saturday 19th November 2016

Venue:    Green Man Pub, London. EC2R 8EJ

Time:       6pm – 10pm

Three hours of pure excitement, adrenaline and tension as 250 competitors battle through seven knockout rounds until only one ultimate winner remains – THE UK CHAMPION! Could it be YOU?. The grand prize is a cool £100 + trophy + bottle of champers – not to mention a bucket load of respect.

**This event sells out three months in advance. Don’t leave it to late to enter.**

RPS Challenge

RPS Challenge is played alongside the main championship, with contestants receiving RPS Challenge fun money as part of the entry fee, ensuring there are hundreds of games taking place all around the venue.

How to Play
Competitors choose an opponent, decide how much to wager and play. The winner walks away with the whole stake. Battles continue throughout the event and whoever accumulates the biggest cash stake by the end wins overall and receives the £25 cash prize.

5 Tips to Win

If you thought Rock Paper Scissors was a game of chance, think again! There are many ways to increase your chances of winning. Here are a few

1. Surprise your opponent – if you’re big, scary and muscular, throw paper
2. Wear fancy dress to confuse your opponent – i.e. a scissors themed fancy dress and throw paper.
3. Wear sunglasses – to prevent your opponent from studying your eyes
4. Try reverse psychology! – tell them what you are going to throw and let them figure out if you will
5. Scissors is statistically the least thrown – therefore paper is statistically the safest throw


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Date & Time

November 19, 2016
06:00 PM
6pm – 10pm


Green Man Pub,
London, England
United Kingdom

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