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World Coal Shoveling Championship

Come join us for the World Coal Shoveling Championships at the 34th Annual Fingal Valley Festival, held in Fingal, Tasmania.

Competitors are required to shovel half a ton (508kg) of coal as fast as they can into the skip bin and once the weight is reached a siren goes off and the time is taken. The world record for this is 26 seconds and the winner receives a cheque of $2,000. There is also the doubles coal shovelling which is exactly the same except 2 people shovel the half a ton.

The World Coal Shoveling Championships

The World Coal Shoveling Championships are just one competition of many that are part of the Fingal Valley Festival.  Each year on the Saturday of the March long weekend (this year the envent is held on Saturday, March 12th). The Fingal Valley Festival is held in Fingal, Tasmania, at the local recreation ground. The events features activities for professional’s, as well as members of the community.

The festival also features:


Roof Bolting

This is a simulation of how the coal miners safely secure the roof of the mine. They have a vertical drill and are required to drill a 2 foot, 4 foot and 5 foot drill into the concrete block and then secure a bolt in the hole (roof). The bolt is not to protrude a certain length or torque otherwise penalties apply. They are to drill and insert 2 bolts and the fastest team on the day wins $3,000. This is a fantastic event to watch but it is difficult to understand the skill required.

Sheep Shearing

We also host the Tasmania Strong Wool Titles where the shearers are to shear as many sheep as they can in a certain time. The shearers are judged on the cleanliness of the shearing and the wool as well as the speed they shear the sheep at.

Wood Chopping

We host a number of chopping events on the day but the highlight is the Tasmanian State Title in the 250mm under hand chopping. The guys are to chop through a 250mm log of wood and the fastest time wins.


Other events we host on the day are the Yard Dog Trials and the Veterans Cycling Race. The Cycling race is a 50km bike race for the older cyclist.


The Fingal Valley Festival is a fantastic day and the events represent the industry within Tasmania, Australia.


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Fingal Valley Festival 2014 


Roof Bolting 

1. Ricky Gale & Randel Faulkner (Tas) 2.34:12

2. Andrew Lohrey & Leigh Spilsbury (Tas) 2.35:35

3. Andrew Johns & Craig Woods (Tas) 2.39:61

4. Robert Coker & Viv Ward (Tas) 2.43:86


Coal Shovelling 


1. Malcolm Woods (Tas) 32.43 sec

2. Eugene McKinnon (NSW) 37.22 sec

3. Ron Davidson (Tas) 40.04 sec



1. Malcolm Woods & Andrew Bryan (Tas) 20.97 sec

2. Aaron McVilly & Eugene McKinnon (NSW) 23.89 sec

3. Ron Davidson & Mark Allison (Tas) 24.69 sec


Best First Year Shoveler – Des Reitsema

Wood Chopping 

275mm Standing State Championship

1. Dale Beams

Date & Time

March 1, 2014
To be announced...


Fingal Valley Festival
Brown Street
Fingal, Tasmania

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